Raw Nourish

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Biolage R.A.W Recover Retail Duo

Biolage R.A.W Recover Shampoo:

Looking for a cruelty-free, vegan shampoo that really works? RAW Recover Shampoo from Matrix’s Biolage Collection is formulated with potent, natural ingredients like Yucca and Goji Berry extracts. A hair recovery formula, it works to tame the toughest mane and makes hair more manageable, boosting its inherent glow. The paraben-free shampoo is a true hair strengthening product, working from the roots, and recreates the sheen associated with truly healthy hair. Suitable for all hair types, this daily use shampoo improves the look and texture of your hair. With Biolage Raw Recover, you get the best of daily-use shampoo that emphasises on natural hair treatment!

High Efficacy Hair Rejuvenating Shampoo

Infuse the lost moisture and shine into your hair with this daily use shampoo! Enriched with Yucca and Goji extracts, the hair care formula restores the shine that is often missing from highly stressed hair. Hair that is highly sensitized or repeatedly coloured often loses its inherent luster, looking dry and damaged. You can trust RAW Recover Shampoo for cleansing the daily dirt and grime without stripping away the essential oils and making hair less prone to future damage. A hair replenishment formula, it is high on natural ingredients and has been tested safe for frequent use.

Biolage R.A.W Recover Conditioner:

If you are looking for a hair repair solution that works wonders on your damaged hair, then Biolage Raw Recover conditioner is a perfect pick for you. With the goodness of natural ingredients and scintillating fragrance, this hair conditioner is one of the best hair care products. This conditioner recovers the natural condition of your hair, providing the hair with maximum strength, shine and bounce. This Matrix Hair Product is best suited for stressed and sensitised hair. Many professional hair experts recommend using RAW Conditioner to make the hair look healthy and glossy.

Make Your Hair feel Silky Smooth with Biolage Recover Conditioner

Matrix Biolage Recover Conditioner is a solution to all the damage and over-processed hair problems. You can witness the healthy hair results instantly after one wash. The creamy texture of this hydrating conditioner keeps your hair moisturised for a long time, making it feel soft. Moisturising conditioner helps in hydrating each strand of your hair, making it look glossier than ever. This hair care product is known to make your hair 3X stronger, fighting hair fall and frizzy-ness.